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Elmer Nerbonne

Honestly I feel great, I can breathe at night. Before I used to snore and I had to breathe out of my mouth. My wife said I don’t snore anymore. The balloon has helped me breathe better and I feel good. I’d recommend Dr. Nalbone to anybody. read more

Matt Petro

Great office!! I saw Dr. Nailbone for a balloon synoplasty and after years of not being able to smell or breath properly, I now can. The staff was friendly and Dr. Nailbone was patient and addressed all of my concerns. If you are looking for a great ENT doctor in Vegas, look no further! read more

Yully Molina

DRAMATIC change after I have the Balloon Sinuplasty done with Dr. Nalbone. I never imagine I could breath this good in my whole life. The procedure gave me zero pain and if I’d have to go through it again I would. It was super easy, the recovery was absolutely quick (24 hours). I am truly… read more

Joe Siano

Amazing staff and the new procedure they do on the nose is great. My breathing has improved drastically!!! Definitely recommend Dr. Nalbone!! read more


WOW this is a great Doctor with a great staff. Couldn’t be more efficient. Appointments are taken right on time. Had the balloon dilation procedure done and am breathing and sleeping much better, and my sinus infection is cleared up. No pain with a lot of gain. If I could I would give Dr. Nalbone,… read more

Jason Lee

Spent too many years dealing with recurring sinus infections and congestion. Also, snored so bad sleep was disrupted. Had balloon dilation at Vegas ENT by Dr. Nalbone and now i can breathe so clear, snoring almost completely eliminated. Procedure was painless and a quick in office visit. Had on Friday and was enjoying Golden Knights… read more

Tee Finch

Great experience with everyone there. The reception is warming and you don’t have to wait long in the waiting room. The waiting room is comfortable for the few minutes you are awaiting your turn. When you go back to your room you are greeted my a great staff. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable. You… read more

Valerie Brewster

my name is james Brewster dr. nalbone did sinus surgery on me and now I am able too breath and sleep at nite with out coughing .the procedure was done without pain in his office .great experience went home the same day. I highly recommend this procedure if done by dr. nalbone read more

Harold Berkowitz

I went to Dr. Nalbone for bad sinuses. He talked with me, they did a CAT scan and showed me how bad my sinuses were. There was no air in my sinuses. He did the balloon and I couldn’t remember anything thanks to Valium. When I came off the meds, I smelled coffee for the… read more

Sara Parry

Dr Nalbone is amazing he and his staff are simply efficient, nice, and very thorough. My son had a theraglocal cyst (spelt it wrong im sure) on his neck we noticed it and he was reccomend to dr nalbone for evaluation from start to finish dr nalbone has been caring and understanding of my fears.… read more


Everything about this experience was great. The office staff was awesome and the Dr. was always running on time. I was having trouble with my vocal chords, which the doctor said was cause by my sinuses. I had the balloon dilation procedure to clear my sinus cavities, and since I had had the traditional sinus… read more

Ron Jones

If I could give him and his office 6 stars I would! I’m not a man of many words, so here it goes; If you want get treatment that works, and have a super experience, then Dr V. Nalbone and Vegas ENT is the place to go!!! read more

Bianca Query

Would recommend for those with severe sinusitis. Received the Balloon Sinus Dilation and it has worked wonders for me. I had severe headaches, ear aches, and chronic sore throat with coughing, and all has now surpassed. Staff is friendly and helpful! read more

Michael Rainey

they were very professional and friendly. there was no long wait time. I would recommend them to my friends read more

Bonni Selleck

I’ve used Dr. Nalbone for quite some time, so has my family. I knew I had a sinus infection, again, so I called to see if he would just send a prescription to my pharmacy; they said he wanted to see me… that day! I’m SO glad I went in; he did a CT Scan… read more

Rita Chang

Thank you Dr. Nalbone for helping me. The balloon sinuplasty that you recommended changed my life. I am so happy to breate. I never even knew I was so blocked. I did not have to miss a day of work! Great job!!! -Five stars if I could. read more

Hunter Dickerson

Had the turbinate reduction procedure done by Dr. Nalbone. Quick and easy! Very little pain or recover time needed. Staff was always so friendly and helpful. Dr. Nalbone is a pro and a great doctor- I can finally breath through my nose!! read more

Polly Charita

This is a great office. Dr. Nalbone is so nice and the staff are wonderful. I had the balloon sinuplasty and it fixed my headaches. I am so happy. For years I thought they were migraines and nothing could cure them. The balloon did otherwise. The procedure was easy. I cant thank them enough . read more

Haze M

I was suffering with chronic sinus infections and headaches for months. After visiting Dr. Nalbone several times and trying different types of medications that gave no relief, I decided to have the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure done. I feel so much better, no more headaches and I can breathe a lot better. I highly recommend anyone… read more

Maylene Delos Santos

I’ve always had trouble breathing through my nose for as long as I can remember and just always dealt with it. Things started to get worse and I started getting headaches and I just felt miserable. I decided to take a visit to Vegas ENT to see Dr. Nalbone and found out I had several… read more

Gilbert Gallegos

Was referred to Dr Nalbone I’ve been to other ENT Doctors I have to say by far the the best ENT I’ve been to. Was have problems breathing through my nose he did a cat scan and explained what was going on. Recommend I do Entellus sinus dilation never heard of it he explained in… read more

Brianna Hernandez

Fantastic job on my sinuses. I had the balloon sinuplasty by Dr. Nalbone and this was a life-changer. The procedure was easy. Aside some sleeping all day after I took the Valium pill the procedure went very smooth. I didn’t feel a thing. I had this done on a Saturday and I went to church… read more

Karen Perez

Dr. Nalbone and staff were excellent! My husband was the patient and as a nervous patient, he found both Dr. Nalbone and his staff to be comforting and efficient. They made both of us feel like family. Thanks to the “balloon” procedure, husband had immediate relief from years of sinus issues and migraines. Everything went… read more

Joanne Seigel

For over two years I suffered with chronic ear infection only to find out that it was caused by all of my sinuses pooling. Dr. Nalbone performed a sinusplasty balloon procedure. The procedure was painless and a quick recovery. Dr Nalbone and his office staff are amazing, they take time to answer any and all… read more

Buck Mathias

Was able to make my first appointment within one week of calling. Staff is very gracious and Dr. Nalbone was very thorough in explaining options available to treat my acute sinusitis. I opted for the sinusplasty procedure rather than surgery and was able to schedule it for the following week. The procedure took place in… read more

Tina Bowenfcvvi

Called as a new patient and got in right away. As soon as we got there he verified that we needed to get her tonsils and adenoids taken out. We just moved here so before we could do surgery we needed to get cleared by a pediatrician. They gave us a referral we also got… read more

Dejan L

If you want someone thats straightforward and will get the job done the first time then look no futher i am still mad that i wasnt sent here 1st. They are quick, correct, polite, and most importantly get the job done. I wish dr vince was a dr and not a surgeon so i can… read more

Michael Hays

He has completely changed my 8 m/o Daughter’s life by putting tubes in her ears. She was having ear infections along with fluid, and a ruptured ear drum on and off for 3-4 months. Which made her projectile vomit, lose weight, tug on her ears. Hated laying flat. Her life was miserable. And as a… read more

S Ramirez

Dr. Nalbone is very knowledgeable, the office is always clean, wait time is extremely short. Definitely would recommend! read more


Daughter & I had nasal surgery( septoplasty & deviated septum) two years ago and really had good results. We liked that he was to the point and didn’t diagnose without doing test first (CT scan).I liked his quiet demeanor and it made him seem introverted at times but to me, it made it easier for… read more

Sabi S.

If only all doctors and doctor offices were like this one – respectful to patient’s time, very kind, professional and helpful. Helped our little ones with quick procedures when we needed. read more

Joe Tate Sr

Dr Nalbone has been extremely professional, shocked to see some of the other reviews here. The hospital I was supposed to get my surgery at messed up some paperwork and the office staff and Dr Nalbone worked after hours to get my surgery scheduling issues resolved to accommodate my schedule. Recovering well after a few… read more

Antonio Racciano

Hands down the best doctor experience I ever had in my life. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service from him and his staff, from beginning to end. From the first day of my visit within 5 minutes they x-rayed me in the office, found the precise problem with my sinuses and had me… read more

Stacy Bezama

So happy to finally breathe. After years of being told I just had troubled sinus, this doctor’s office quickly and painlessly addressed my sinus trouble. Very happy. read more

Fernando Bettencourt

The best by far that I have found in Las Vegas, NV. Dr Vincent Nalbone took my right tonsil out that had a tumor in it. It turned out to be cancer. Thanks to his expertise and quick diagnose I am now cancer free. Because of 6 weeks of radiation I lost 45 lbs. I… read more

Kelly DeChristopher

I went to Dr. Nalbone after a freak accident where I broke my nose. I had been seen by another ENT and he wanted to do full on nasal surgery with a cast on my nose and sticks coming out of it so I could breathe during the healing process among other “crazy” unnecessary things.… read more

Matthew Greene

I was suffering from congested sinuses. I had really really bad dizzy spells I felt like I was driving drunk. I couldn’t work. My workouts suffered as well. This lasted for about 2 months. Then sleeping started to suck every time I would be ready to fall asleep I would jolt up thinking I was… read more

Maritza Rubio

I was having sinus pain everyday for a couple montha. I had tried every over the counter medicine and sprays, prescription sprays and medications, antibiotics along with steroids and nothing was helping my doctor referred me to vegas ent and they diagnosed me with a chronic sinus infection. They told me about the procedure where… read more

Karen Hernandez Flores

I recently had a balloon sinuplasty with Dr. Nalbone, I had been suffering for a long period of time with recurrent sinus infections, nasal congestion, and high pitch snoring. This was the first time I had a procedure done, I had no clue what to expect but nevertheless Dr. Nalbone did an amazing job. I… read more

Tina Barth

Incredible! I had balloon surgery by Dr. Nalbone on a Friday and got back to work on Monday. I can’t get over how good I feel now. My workouts are easier, I sleep better and my husband says I stopped snoring. For years I would wake up with a dry mouth and tired. No more!… read more

Domingo Ruiz

Had a sinus issue for 9 months, finally I was referred to Dr Nalbone. I have had three visits and the waiting time was less than 5 minutes. He checked me thoroughly and suggested a procedure Balloon synoplasty. They explain the procedure in detail . Both benefits and risks. Two weeks after my initial visit… read more

Brian Sparks

Had a Balloon Sinuplasty and couldn’t be happier. The staff is extremely caring and pleasant and the Doctor is intuitive and highly skilled. Top- notch group all around, if you need an ENT, do yourself a favor and go here read more

Brianna Hernandez

I was thoroughly impressed with dr. Nalbone and his office. I had horrible ear pain 4 months and tried multiple antibiotics an ear drops. I thought I was going deaf. Dr. Nalbone took care of my ears by changing the medicines and changing some things I was doing. My ear problems went away. My hearing… read more

Liz Traild

Good Doctor I saw DR. Nalbone for sinus problems I have had my whole life. I was a mouthbrether all the time until I had the sinyplasty by Dr. Nalbone. I don’t know what it is like to not have dry mouth and raspy voice any more. Those things went by-by. I only wish I…

deb lee

Thank you Dr Nalbone & staff. Your professionalism and experience are your best credits. Thank you again. read more

Ryan Belen

Dr. Nalbone performed a Balloon Sinuplasty on me, and my breathing has improved dramatically. I also haven’t experienced any headaches since the procedure was done a month ago. Other than the normal bleeding that occurs for a few days, everything went well. I recommend Dr. Nalbone to anyone experiencing congestion, headache, ear, and breathing problems……

Harold Berkowitz

I went to Dr. Nalbone for bad sinuses. He talked with me,did a CAT scan and showed me how bad my sinuses are. There was no air in my sinuses. He did the balloon and I couldn’t remember anything thanks to Valium. When I came off the meds, I smelled coffee for the first time…

Lynn McAlister

I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Nalbone and his office staff. I have had several invasive sinus procedures over many years performed by other ENT specialists to deal with sinusitis and deviated septum problems. Dr. Nalbone performed the ballon sinus dilation on me. The procedure was quick and the results were great! There was almost… read more

Philip Nelson

I had a ballon sinuplasty and reduction in size of turbinates on 6/7/19. The painless procedure was performed in office by Dr Nalbone and his team. The professionalism, friendliness, and most importantly the outcome were all excellent. My breathing and comfort level improved almost immediately. If you are suffering from sinus issues, as I had… read more

Morgan Kirby

I have to say that Dr. Nalbone was awesome. His staff is wonderful and so helpful. I had been suffering for 5 years and all the other doctors just wanted to throw me on meds. Dr Nalbone was able to give me the relief I had been waiting for with just 1 procedure. It went… read more

Kyle Herschberger

Thank you Dr. Nalbone. You’re recommendations for less invasive nasal surgery kept me from missing work AND solved sinus issues I’ve struggled with for about a year. My wife thanks you because I also no longer snore at night! A side note – this is one of the few medical offices that has never kept… read more

Trina Folioli

Dr. Nalbone took out the lump on my forehead that I had for 5 years. He hid the incision in my hairline, not the plan from two other doctors. They wanted to cut me on the forehead and would have left me with a visible scar. I am happy and was impressed. Keep the good… read more

Ben Parkland

Superb job on my sinuses. I cant thank Dr. Nalbone enough because my life is so much fuller. Being able to smell again is incredible. Thank you thank you.

Kylie Edinger

Dr. Nalbone and all his staff are very nice! I’ve never had an issue with this office and Nalbone has always been on time for our appointments. My 2 year old has been a patient since he was 1 when he received tubes in his ears. Since my sons surgery, he hasn’t had any ear… read more

Robyn Stein

Fantastic doctor. Got in quickly, was able to figure out the problem quickly, I couldn’t hear I felt like I was underwater for three weeks, had a balloon procedure that cleared out my sinuses and three days later boom could hear.! Fantastic service and great doctor read more

Eric Leavitt

This was the best experience I’ve had at a doctors office. I had the balloon treatment done along with drilling out my nose so it’s easier to breath. I had zero pain, no soreness at all and I can breath better than I ever have, ever!!! Thx so much for the very caring staff. I… read more


“I have been going to Dr. Nalbone for over 8 years now since I was a teenager. He did a tonsillectomy on me when I was 18 years old. He also treated me for my recurrent sinus infections, nasal blockage and post nasal drip. I’ve tried all the antibiotics, nasal sprays and allergy medications over… read more