What is Deviated Septum Repair? (Septoplasty)

The repair of a deviated septum is a surgical procedure also known as Septoplasty (SEP-toe-plas-tee). It corrects the displacement of the vertical bone and cartilage dividing your two nostrils. Septoplasty straightens your nasal septum to reposition it to the middle of your nose separating the right nostril from the left. Many people have some deviation of the septum and experience no nasal obstruction. However, when a deviated septum is severe, it can block one side of your nose and make breathing difficult.

An image of a deviated and normal nasal septum

This procedure to straighten your septum can be done in a hospital or in our office. You may be awake with Novocain (local anesthesia) or asleep from general anesthesia. The doctor will discuss the best option for you. The procedure usually takes less than an hour. There is often a small amount of pain after the procedure.

What happens after surgery?

Recovery is expected to take from a few days to up to a week. You will need mild pain medication. It’s important to avoid blowing your nose and to take a break from exercise for about 2 weeks. The long-term results are excellent. Once the septum is straightened, the correction of the deviated septum is permanent. The only time a septum re-deviates after it is fixed is when there is some trauma or injury to the nose.

When planning septoplasty, you and the doctor will discuss your symptoms and the physical structure of your nose to determine what septoplasty can achieve for you. You will talk about what to expect such as the improvement of your nasal passages and breathing.

When you have difficulty breathing through your nose from a deviated septum, it may significantly affect your quality of life. This is when it is time to consider surgery. Our ear nose and throat doctor will perform this special nasal surgery and return your nose to the condition it was meant to be.