Woman plugging her ears next to a snoring man


Snoring is a sign of obstruction through the nose or throat. The sound is made by the vibration of tissues and is all too familiar to some. Some people do not snore, and others snore so loudly it is difficult to sleep in the same room as the person. It can cause a big strain on relationships and interfere with the sleep of a partner or family member.

The cause of snoring is often extra tissue or skin in the nose or throat that is either loose or “floppy” and prone to vibrate and make noise. Age, being overweight, nose and sinus problems, medications, and your natural anatomy can all affect whether you snore or not. Sleeping on your back, taking medications or alcohol before you go to sleep, and weight gain can all affect the amount of snoring.

If there is any nose or sinus blockage, it is one of the few treatable and fixable causes for snoring. Often, this is a hidden cause for snoring. We have numerous patients in our practice who have had nose and sinus problems fixed and hear from the wife or husband afterward, telling us that they are so happy that the snoring is gone. Fixing a deviated septumenlarged turbinates, a blocked nasal valve, or enlarged swell bodies will certainly improve nasal breathing. If the snoring is largely due to nasal obstruction, fixing these parts can stop snoring.