Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty gives our patients the long-lasting relief they have been dreaming of. There is finally a surgery-free option for chronic sinus sufferers. Balloon Sinuplasty is minimally invasive and performed right in our comfortable office. The procedure opens your blocked sinus passageways. It provides an effective and safe treatment for chronic sinusitis. Because Balloon Sinuplasty is a nonsurgical procedure, there are fewer side effects. It requires less recovery time than traditional sinus surgery. You deserve a permanent solution to the root cause of painful, recurrent sinus infection symptoms. You deserve long-term relief.
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Upon arriving at our office, you will notice that our commitment to our patient’s health and wellness is genuine. We show our care from diagnosis to treatments (or procedures) until complete healing has occurred.

Our philosophy is to take care of our patient as we would want to be taken care of.

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In-office CT Imaging

Our patients avoid the hassle of an additional office visit and out-of-pocket expenses with our in-office CT imaging. CT Scans are performed right here during your appointment, so you don’t have to spend extra going somewhere else. Our scanner is state of the art technology as it uses a low radiation dose and in-office convenience.
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In-Office CT Imaging

Our patients avoid the hassle of an office visit, then a referral for a CT Scan somewhere else. There is no need to wait at a hospital or imaging center. CT Scans are performed right here during your visit, so you don’t have to experience all this extra time and headache. It may even reduce your out- of pocket expenses. Our in-office CT scanning is state of the art technology. It uses a low radiation dose and offers in-office convenience.
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Sinus and Nasal Center

Highly skilled Dr. Nalbone and his dedicated team want you to achieve lasting sinus relief. Sinus congestion, inflamed sinus, snoring and painful nasal passages are all symptoms of treatable sinus conditions. The balloon sinuplasty procedure is an effective, safe method of chronic sinusitis treatment. It is great for patients looking for relief from their painful sinus symptoms and it is less-invasive than traditional sinus surgery. We also provide treatments for deviated septum repair, turbinate reduction, nasal valve repair and medical treatment for sinusitis.

Balloon Sinuplasty opens up blocked sinus passageways to make breathing easier. Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms enjoy new relief that was previously only available from sinus surgery. The patient’s sinus passageway is gently enlarged while maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining. Published clinical data shows that it is safe and effective, and patients demonstrated statistically and significant improvement in their sinusitis symptoms.

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