Nasal Obstruction

Breathing through the nose is supposed to be normal. You are not supposed to think about breathing out the nose. It is natural and part of your day to day life. We often take being able to breathe well through the nose for granted and only notice if breathing is blocked.

When the nose becomes blocked, your life can be affected in multiple ways. A blocked nose can make you feel short of breath. It can make you feel as if you are always out of breath or affect your daily activities. It can block your sense of smell. Food may not taste as good, and you may not be able to smell at all. You might have to put foods really close to your nose in order to smell them. Nasal obstruction can interfere with sleep and make you tired. It can make your mouth dry. When your nose does not breathe for you, your mouth does, and the mouth becomes dry because it was not meant to breathe throughout the day for you, your nose was. Nasal obstruction often happens gradually, so it is often not noticed until the obstruction is severe.

A man smelling a cup of coffee

There are multiple parts of the nose that can become blocked, the septum, the turbinates, the valve, and the swell bodies. If one or more of these parts is affected, you can feel as if your nose is congested or blocked. If you repair or fix the abnormal part, then your breathing can return to normal.

When breathing returns to normal, you will see a major improvement.Eventually, you will not notice how well you’re breathing out of your nose – it becomes normal.

If a person is going to have the ability to breathe out of a fixed nose, all parts of the nose that are obstructed need to be fixed, not just some of them. One can repair individually, the septum, the turbinates, the valve and the swell bodies or all of them at the same time.